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10 things about Karl Korsch’s Marxism and Philosophy

Karl Korsch is a Marxist theorist who argues that Marxism, properly understood from a dialectical materialist perspective, is descended from (though opposed to) Hegelianism. His more practical thesis is that a revolutionary Marxist practice cannot achieve its goals without a simultaneous development in Marxist theory. That thesis seems quaint today but this was written in the 20s where I […]

10 things about Laura Mulvey’s Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema

Laura Mulvey is a feminist film theorist. Her essay “Visual Pleasure in Narrative Cinema” is one of the foundational texts in feminist film theory. Mulvey’s essay argues that the perspective presented by Hollywood narrative cinema is largely a heterosexual male one. Mulvey uses the psychoanalytic theories of Freud and Lacan to critique themselves and Hollywood […]

10 things about Max Horkheimer’s Traditional and Critical Theory

In Max Horkheimer essay “Traditional and Critical Theory,” he presents a distinction between critical theory and what he calls “traditional” theory, which can also be thought of as scientific or analytic understanding. By doing this, he wants to clarify what critical theory is and why it is important. I’m reading this essay for a class […]