My name is Taylor. Currently I’m an undergraduate at the University of Toronto studying philosophy, cinema, and semiotics.

I often find myself passively consuming media. At best I’ll watch a movie solely for entertainment. At worst I’ll read a book just to know that I’ve read it, or watch a film just to check it off a list.

10 or 21 Things is an attempt to engage with the media I consume by writing things about it. 10 or 21 things, depending on how much there is to say. These things can be anything so long as they’re interesting. They may be subjective facts, underdeveloped theses, questions, or anything else.

On a personal level this blog is meant to help me think through things I encounter every day. On a public level it is meant to encourage others to think about the media they consume as well as introduce people to books/movies/music they may enjoy and hopefully one day become a database of my notes (and perhaps the notes of others) on media.



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