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21 things about Michael Haneke’s The Seventh Continent

Even though I don’t think it’s possible to “spoil” this film, I should mention that this post has spoilers. The Seventh Continent is a movie about a mother, a father, and a daughter – a bourgeois family – who commit suicide. It’s Michael Haneke’s first film. His stylistic influences stand out, most notably those of Robert […]

10 things about Karl Korsch’s Marxism and Philosophy

Karl Korsch is a Marxist theorist who argues that Marxism, properly understood from a dialectical materialist perspective, is descended from (though opposed to) Hegelianism. His more practical thesis is that a revolutionary Marxist practice cannot achieve its goals without a simultaneous development in Marxist theory. That thesis seems quaint today but this was written in the 20s where I […]