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10 things about Laura Mulvey’s Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema

Laura Mulvey is a feminist film theorist. Her essay “Visual Pleasure in Narrative Cinema” is one of the foundational texts in feminist film theory. Mulvey’s essay argues that the perspective presented by Hollywood narrative cinema is largely a heterosexual male one. Mulvey uses the psychoanalytic theories of Freud and Lacan to critique themselves and Hollywood […]

10 things about Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s The Marriage of Maria Braun

Rainer Werner Fassbinder was a German director part of the New German Cinema movement. Between the age of 21 and his death at 37, Fassbinder directed over 40 movies. The Marriage of Maria Braun, Fassbinder’s most successful film, is about Maria, a woman who marries a solider (Hermann). Her husband returns to the war after […]

10 things about Holly Herndon’s Chorus

Holly Herndon, according to her website, is a multi-disciplinary artist. She has an MFA and writes academically informed electronic music. You can read her Masters thesis here. When I first heard this song / watched this video I categorized it as The Knife trying to be more like Death Grips. This is a huge simplification. […]

21 things about Ken Baumann’s Solip

Ken Baumann is an actor who also writes. Or a writer who also acts. He is best known for his role on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Solip is Ken Baumann’s first novel. Because Ken Baumann is an actor his writing career was picked up on by the Hollywood press. The result is […]

10 things about Spike Jonze’s Her

Her is about a sensitive writer named Theodor Twombly who, after divorcing his wife, falls in love with an artificially intelligent operating system named Samantha. It’s nominated for the 2014 Academy Award for best picture. This movie has what is probably the most beautiful “phone sex” scene ever filmed. Even though the characters are saying […]